True Gifts To Give this Season

A few years back, one of my SuperSpawnlings was less than gracious when given her Christmas wish list budget. I was a single mom at the time and times were really hard. Coming up with any extra money was difficult and I went without necessities to give my little darlings the few gifts I could.

So, imagine my fury when my “I was really born a princess and you weren’t notified” child pitched a major bitch-fit when I announced she, in fact, would not be given a $200 cell phone. Here I was struggling  just to put Doritos in her mouth and the only thanks I got was a surly teen who announced it was my fault we were so poor and she was tired of not having things like other kids.

Because I did not have enough money to bail myself out of jail for kicking her ungrateful ass and the inevitable call to Child Protective Services, I decided to take the high road. I removed what few gifts were under the tree and replaced them with these little boxes:

The look on the Spawnlings faces was totally worth it! I explained these gifts cost nothing and could be given at any time in as much abundance as their hearts would allow.  I don’t think they totally got the message at the time but, boy howdy, were they super nice for the rest of the season!

I have kept these little boxes as a reminder of that lean Christmas. They are prominently displayed each year on the mantle to keep our hearts and minds focused on the real gifts we each have inside us that mean more than anything purchased in a store.

I wish you all, my darling SuperPals, each of these gifts this year and always!


Your SuperGal

4 thoughts on “True Gifts To Give this Season”

  1. Super Gal, forgive me for being remiss in commenting. I DO read! And this is an awesome post, I LOVE those little boxes and just might have to do some myself!

    I also nominated you for Versatile Blogger!

  2. Oh, Emma.. I am just prowling around all your blog posts and this one is truly a keeper. The idea is phenomenal and I may do it next Xmas for my grandkids! Meanwhile thanks to you I too have a personal blog and I LOVE doing it – one of the nicest gifts I have ever received is this outlet. And since you are truly a versatile blogger (going from the tough SuperGal to the Softie, I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award. You can read the details (and rules) on my blog called Promoting Pride in Blogging at . Luv,Dor

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