The Queen Mother Gets a Medic Alert Device

The Queen Mother has resisted our attempts over the years to secure a medic alert device in her home. At almost 81, she is still very active and independent but she lives alone and my sister and I worry about her. So sue us. We were raised by a most excellent guilt-wielding non-Jewish Jewish mother. It’s what we do.

As you recall from an earlier post, part of her resistance has been the unfashionable nature of such devices. Since they do not make the bracelets in a fetching Michael Kors-esque pattern, she is more concerned about crimes of fashion than letting us know she is hanging upside down in the attic.

My sister was able to finally convince her after Mom took a nasty nose dive and landed on her face. We were devastated she was injured but happy when she finally relented and allowed the unholy device into her home.

I received a call from her a few weeks later asking if I could call the security company for some information. She sounded a little bewildered on the message so I assumed she wasn’t feeling well and needed me .


She was too busy to call because she was doing this:

Mimis Balloon Ride

I wonder if the medic alert device works if you need help because you’ve fallen out of a hot air balloon or twisted your ankle while climbing Mount Everest.

All hail The Queen Mother!!!

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